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Vendita Loft/Open Space in Coreglia Antelminelli (Rif. 299)
PREZZO: 50.000
Provincia: LUCCA Piano: 3
Comune: Coreglia Antelminelli - Zona: Tereglio Cucina: -
Tipologia: Loft/Open Space Riscaldamento: -
Superficie: 110 mq Balcone: -
Vani: 6 Ascensore: -
Bagni: n.d. Giardino: -
Condizioni: da ristrutturare Box: -
Classe energetica: ESENTE I.P.E.: -
An exciting renovation project in the historic centre of the village of Tereglio. This modest property, with the original masonry work and beaming, offers the possibility to create a â??Tuscan loft' in the heart of one of the most charming village north of Lucca. Planning permission to renovate has been presented to create a renovated home. The work foreseen would be of a non-structural nature which is ideal for those who wish to do the renovation work themselves. The present owner's architect design consists of a simple renovation that would create 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and a large ground floor living space with balcony. It must be pointed out that each floor has the space for a stunning panoramic balcony. The property is set of 3 levels and has the original beams, wooden flooring in chestnut, stone walls and a roof which is in a good state of repair. Ground floor â?? the is a large entrance that leads into a large open space of approx. 36mq. the is an area suitable to create a bathroom, and then the is a balcony area. First floor â?? at present this is a large open space with original wooden floor. the owners intention was to create 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a balcony on this floor. Second floor â?? consists of what could be called a high attic space with the original roof beams, rafters and terracotta tiles. This property, if renovated well, could become a jewel.
55051 Barga (LU)
Via G. Marconi 14
tel: 0583723698 - fax: 0583 710824
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